Jackson Reed High School (formally Woodrow Wilson High School)

Washington, DC

Client: CGS

Completion Date: 2011

Polysonics worked closely with the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), DCPS OPEFM, and the architectural / engineering design team, to provide innovative design solutions for a wide range of services for the renovation of this Historic Washington D.C. public school.

Scope of work included an IPTV media retrieval and television distribution system, paging system, clock and bell system, closed-circuit television surveillance, door access control, a full package of theatre systems for the main theatre and a blackbox theatre, audio/video systems for 70 classrooms, collaboration and video teleconferencing spaces, band and choir rooms, two gymnasia, and other multipurpose athletic spaces. Each classroom contains an interactive display providing the latest to support collaborative learning.

This project featured a media control center (MCC) and production studio for students to experience the latest in audio and video projection. Fiber optic cable provides connectivity from each athletic space (and the main theatre) to the MCC where students can mix and capture the live video for rebroadcast or archive. The MCC also provides centralized video teleconferencing such that the main theatre, cafeteria or the collaboration space can be used for a scheduled video teleconference. The system rides on the district-wide network, providing centralized bandwidth/firewall management.

Integrated IP-based Closed Circuit Television and remote access control systems allowed for central monitoring from a secure location.


  • LEED for Schools Acoustic Design
  • IP-based technologies save power infrastructure costs
  • Technology supports
  • Collaborative and Project-based learning
  • Cutting-edge media center for AV and TV production
  • Winner of the Washington Building Congress (WBC) Craftsmanship Award

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