Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library

Washington, DC

Client: Davis, Brody, Bond

Completion Date: 2010

Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library is located along Rhode Island Avenue, NW at 7th Street, on a triangular urban site near Howard University. The new 22,800 square foot library marks this important intersection as a civic and educational node for the community. Filling the 9,850 square foot site, the building is comprised of three stories— one below grade and two above.

Polysonics collaborated with the design team, to develop the program and designs of the library paging systems, digital signage, network systems, library security systems such as door access and CCTV systems, video projection, video playback systems, audio play back systems, stack management and audiovisual resources to meet the district’s “Blueprint for Change” criteria. This will provide accommodations for future needs, such as DC’s “One Card” integration and RFID technologies for stack management and customer service administration.


• LEED Silver Certification
• Paging Systems
• Digital Signage
• Network Systems
• Door Access
• CCTV Systems
• Video Projection
• Video Playback
• Audio Playback

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