Tomochichi Courthouse

Savannah, GA

Client: Liollio Architecture/Hartman Cox Architects

Completion Date: 2020

The federally owned Tomochichi Federal Building and US Courthouse was originally constructed in 1898 with an addition in 1930-1932 and contributes to the significance of the Savannah Historic District National Historic Landmark. The original building consists of a floor below grade and four occupied levels above, also part of the building is the 5 story tower that is a part of the original 1898 construction. The project consists of a new 3 story, 37,000 SF annex which will feature bankruptcy courtrooms, judges’ chambers, bankruptcy clerk, probation office personnel office spaces, and support spaces. Design complies with federal standards, City of Savannah requirements and is anticipated to achieve LEED Gold.

The Polysonics design team provided Acoustics, Audiovisual, IT and security design for the new building.