National Zoo: Elephant House

Washington, DC

Client: Walsh Construction

Completion Date: 2010

During the renovation and expansion of the Elephant House at the National Zoo, Polysonics was tasked to provide environmental noise measurements to determine the construction impact on the health of the elephants at the zoo. Specification requirements included a strobe light that went off if the sound levels exceeded levels Polysonics had determined were unacceptable. Polysonics also designed the sound system for a new amphitheater where the elephant keepers will be able to present the elephants and educate the guests of the zoo.

The Elephant House provides elephants access to indoor and outdoor living year round. Its features include indoor living areas or suites with plenty of space for socializing and training, climate control and heated concrete slabs covered with rubber or sand flooring, and a wading pool with a shower that can be initiated by either elephant or zoo keeper. The project received LEED gold certification for its sustainability and environmentally friendly design.


  • Environmental Noise Measurements
  • Construction Noise Monitoring
  • Amphitheater Sound System Design

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