National Transportation Safety Board Headquarters

Washington, DC

Client: WDG Architecture

Completion Date: 2011

Located at 490 L’Enfant Plaza, NTSB Headquarters occupy office space on the fourth, fifth and sixth floors, along with ground floor boardroom and boardroom pre-function spaces of the twelve story building. The building was originally constructed in 1968 and prior to the occupancy of NTSB, the space was occupied by the Office of the Comptroller. Prior to the renovation of the spaces, existing conference and meeting spaces were not consistently equipped for audiovisual presentations, office spaces were not furnished with the proper equipment, and the boardroom’s lack of flexibility with furnishings limited the functionality of the space.

Polysonics provided acoustical, audiovisual and production lighting design services to include interior acoustics, vibration analysis, HVAC and mechanical noise control, command and control systems, video projection, room combining, speech reinforcement, video display, broadcast camera, TV distribution systems, boardroom broadcast/TV lighting, dimmer systems, and automated control systems. As with any government facility, special attention was paid to assure voice privacy and acceptable sound attenuation through walls and doors. The balance of spaces included multiple conference rooms, a command center, office and meeting spaces, a press facility, and family room.


  • Interior Acoustics
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Command / Control Systems
  • Video Projection Systems
  • Speech Reinforcement System
  • Video Display Systems
  • Film/Video Projection
  • TV Distribution Systems
  • Press Feed Systems
  • Audio & Video Booth Control
  • Broadcast / TV Lighting Systems

Services Involved

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