National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Rockville, MD

Client: HOK

Completion Date: 2014

Parklawn North, also known as 5601 Fishers Lane, houses the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Headquarters. The 517,000 square foot, ten story medical office building houses over 2,000 employees with an atrium entry lobby, precast and glass exterior, five story concrete parking garage and LEED Silver certification. The construction was completed and the building was occupied in the summer of 2014. The GSA signed a 15-year lease for the building at a rental rate of approximately $29.25 per square foot, an amount the Washington Business Journal called “eye poppingly low”.

Polysonics’ design services for the base building included acoustical interior design, HVAC design for low noise and noise and vibration isolation. For the tenant fit-out, Polysonics’ design services included Acoustics (interior acoustics, mechanical equipment isolation, air handling units noise control, conference room and TV broadcast/videotaping room acoustics) Audiovisual (video projection, room combining, speech reinforcement, BGM and paging, broadcast camera, TV distribution, AV control, conference room AV, tele-presence and conferencing, and video conference camera systems) and IT (voice and data infrastructure, VoIP/PBX system, WAN/LAN system and Wi-Fi system design) design for spaces including offices, conference rooms, training rooms, executive spaces, break rooms and common areas.


  • Interior Acoustics
  • HVAC & Mechanical Equipment Noise Control
  • Mechanical Equipment Isolation
  • Air Handling Units Noise Control
  • Conference Room Acoustics
  • TV Broadcast/Videotaping
  • Video Projection Systems
  • Room Combining Systems
  • Speech Reinforcement Systems
  • BGM & Paging Systems
  • Video Display Systems
  • AV Control Systems
  • Tele-Presence & Conference
  • Video Conference Camera Systems
  • Voice & Data Infrastructure Design
  • VoIP/PBX Systems
  • WAN/LAN Systems
  • WiFi Systems

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