National Association of Realtors

Washington, DC

Client: Carr America

Completion Date: 2004

Located on the reclaimed Brownfields site directly facing the Capitol, this first LEED certified office facility in Washington, DC boasts nineteen percent recycled content and high efficiency technologies. The NAR building is designed for daylight to reach ninety-eight percent of the interior space and is equipped with daylight sensors that automatically adjust the artificial light levels as natural daylight dims or increases. A rooftop facility of about 3,000 sf can be used for receptions with spectacular views of Washington. Upon it completion, the NAR building was considered one of the most environmentally ‘green’ commercial structures in the nation.


  • LEED Certified - Silver
  • Design of Audiovisual Presentation Systems
  • Video and Audio Teleconferencing
  • Acoustic Design
  • Mechanical Noise Control

Services Involved

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