McLean Bible Church

McLean, VA

Client: McLean Bible Church

Completion Date: 2005

The high impact atmosphere of McLean Bible Church required Polysonics to create an array of unique sound solutions. Polysonics, along with Owens Corning, constructed a custom absorption and diffusion panel that could be matched to the sanctuary’s color scheme. In addition to acoustic paneling, Polysonics also worked closely with the installation contractor to define speaker angles.

Utilizing 3D computer modeling, Polysonics designed the intricate ceiling and wall systems, along with a sound system design layout to create true left-center-right sound experience. Polysonics tuned over 80 speakers before commissioning the system.


  • Acoustic Design
  • Audio System Design
  • 279,000 Square Feet
  • True Left-Center-Right Sound

Services Involved

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