George Mason University Law

Arlington, VA

Client: CGS

Completion Date: 1999

Polysonics provided multi-discipline design services for this new construction, law school project. Design scope included facility wide audiovisual systems designs for the library, classrooms, lecture halls, auditorium and moot courtroom. Additionally, Polysonics provided HVAC system design with low noise and vibration control, as well as, interior acoustical design for room to room noise isolation and common-space noise and reverberation control.

The 240,000 square foot facility features numerous large common spaces, extensive use of glass, curved circular exterior glazing, all of which presented acoustical challenges that were overcome with the assistance of Polysonics. There are over 150 data ports located within the library tables and carrels which provide Internet access, as well as, access to library resources and centralized printing. Further, the library project included two computer labs, each equipped with fifty high-speed computers used for training.


  • Audiovisual Systems Design
  • IT Infrastructure Design
  • HVAC Systems Noise Control
  • Noise and Vibration Control Design
  • Interior Acoustical Design
  • Noise Isolation

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