Fairfax Public Safety Headquarters

Fairfax, VA

Client: HOK

Completion Date: Ongoing

After spending years in a building with leaking pipes, broken air condition and asbestos, the county’s police officers and firefighters will get a new headquarters. The new HQ, which will replace the 44-year old Massey Building, will rise up next to the Herrity Building where the baseball field is today.

A new headquarters is badly needed since Massey continues to deteriorate, and the new eight-story building will give the police and fire departments the space they need in the future.

The building also will be green. It’s environmentally friendly features may include water and energy efficient fixtures and equipment and a green roof. The building will be designed to maximize the natural light that reaches the interior, which helps reduce energy use. Because the building is just starting to be designed, it’s unclear what green elements will be included, but it is planned for LEED Silver certification, per the county’s green building policy. The new HQ will be the county’s 11th green building.

Teaming with HOK Architects, the same firm that was responsible for the McConnell Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center, Polysonics’ scope of design services will include video walls, numerous flat screen video displays, streaming video, video-conferencing, video projection, foreground and background audio, localized sound reinforcement, press connectivity, in-house cable TV system, sophisticated control systems and user interfaces, networked audio and video components over a separate A/V network, and several fully integrated conference rooms.


  • Acoustics
  • Conference room audiovisual systems
  • State-of-the-art CompStat room
  • LEED Gold Certification

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