Department of Defense/The Pentagon

Arlington, VA

Client: Shalom Baranes Assoc

Completion Date: 2011

Polysonics was engaged in a long-term renovation of the Pentagon.

As part of this project, Polysonics has authored the project design guide, defining the acoustical criteria for the facility. This criteria addresses the Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) requirements across multiple standards, based on room use, for privacy (STC), intelligibility (NRC), and background noise (NC).

Polysonics is familiar with SCIF requirements and has the design and construction management skills to ensure strict adherence. Our consultants worked closely with the design team to manage costs, working well within the budget constraints. Polysonics established the criteria and audio systems integration and provided all test and analysis services on completed scopes.


  • Acoustical Design Guide Assuring Security
  • Room Finishes
  • Audio Systems
  • Test and Analysis Services

Services Involved

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