Defense Information Systems Agency

Fort Meade, MD

Client: HOK

Completion Date: 2008

The 1.1 million square foot, $421 million campus-like complex was commissioned after the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure as a way to consolidate DISA facilities.

The design of the audiovisual system is capable of integration, management, distribution and display of media from external global assets as well as graphic and multimedia content generated internally for command and control purposes. The AV disciplines included: Presentation Audio Systems, Voice and Video Teleconferencing, AV Presentation Systems, Master-Antenna Television (MATV), and Background Music and Paging. This project also included the following disciplines for acoustics: Acoustical interior design, HVAC design for low noise, noise and vibration isolation, mechanical systems, plumbing noise, common spaces, and reverberation time control.


  • LEED - Gold Certification
  • Mechanical & Noise Control Design
  • Noise Isolation Design
  • STC Wall Design
  • Audiovisual Design
  • Voice and Video Conferencing

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