Blaine Mansion

Washington, DC

Client: Van Dusen Architects

Completion Date: 2008

The James G. Blaine Mansion, a Queen Anne style house built in 1881 and designed by architect John Fraser, is the only surviving example of large mansions built during the late 1800s that once ringed Dupont Circle.  It was the residence of politician James G. Blaine and is a contributing property to the Dupont Circle Historic District.  In recent years, the Blaine Mansion has been used for commercial purposes.  The current owner recently renovated the property which now includes the addition of an underground parking deck, adjoining six-story residential building, and a restaurant.  Polysonics provided extensive acoustical design and consulting to include establishment of noise criteria for living spaces as well as noise control for heating and cooling mechanical equipment and ductwork.  Also included were design of vibration isolation solutions for mechanical equipment, design of interior walls and floors to reduce sound transmission, impact isolation designs to reduce noise transmission between vertically adjacent floors, and noise reduction measures between common areas such as trash drop room, exercise room, elevator, and lobby.  Exterior environmental noise mitigation systems were designed to reduce noise from roof mounted mechanical equipment.


  • Historic Renovation
  • Full Acoustics Design
  • Noise Criteria/Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis/Isolation

Services Involved

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