400 E Street

Washington, DC

Client: E Street Development

Completion Date: 2015

A unique combination, this eleven story, 160,000 square foot, mixed use building will be home to a 214-room Hyatt Place Hotel and Engine Company 13 when completed in late 2014. The concept is new to the D.C. area, however, noise generated from fire station activities and nearby interstate highway will be practically eliminated with window glazing and other implemented acoustical designs of the building.

Polysonics provided interior acoustical design for walls, windows, and floors to assure proper STC and IIC ratings, HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing design for low noise, and noise and vibration isolation. To ensure the hotel guest experience did not include blaring fire alarms, fire truck sirens and traffic noise, an onsite traffic and fire station noise survey was provided to determine the noise impact. With the data collected during the survey, Polysonics was able to work with fire station officials to determine a check list of procedures to control unwanted noises including fire station noise abatement methods as well as construction techniques and space planning.


  • Interior Acoustics
  • HVAC, Mechanical and Plumbing Design for Low Noise
  • Noise and Vibration Isolation
  • Environmental Noise Survey

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