11141 Georgia Avenue

Silver Spring, MD

Client: Bonstra Haresign

Completion Date: 2013

This 200,000 square foot, twelve story apartment building was once a 1960s, five story office building neighboring Wheaton Metrorail station in Montgomery County. The residential building offers studio, one and two bedroom apartments, 4,000 square feet of roof top amenities, a fitness center and lounge as well as close proximity to public transit.

Polysonics provided an onsite traffic noise survey to determine the noise impact from the applicable roadways. Traffic noise modeling and a building shell analysis were conducted to mitigate the traffic impact on the residential units. Acoustical interior design to assure proper STC and IIC ratings between units, HVAC design for low noise, noise and vibration isolation, and plumbing noise control were also provided. Special attention was required to assure acoustical separation between the residential and common areas such as the lounge and lobby.


  • 24-Hour Traffic Noise Survey
  • Traffic Noise Modeling
  • Building Shell Analysis
  • Interior Acoustics
  • HVAC Design for Low Noise
  • Noise and Vibration Isolation
  • Plumbing Noise Control

Services Involved

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